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MAQUET’s ECMO Cannulae are used for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in the treatment of neonate respiratory insufficiency.

The cannulae are made of blood-compatible and tissue-friendly polyurethane to prevent complications arising during long insertion periods. Radiopacity allows for continual monitoring of the correct cannula position during use. MAQUET supplies cannulae for both veno-venous ECMO procedures.

The ECMO Cannula is made of polyurethane, which allows for continual position monitoring while at the same time guaranteeing a high degree of biocompatibility. It is therefore suitable for veno-arterial ECMO. Equipped with a dialysis lock, it’s especially easy to use. The availability of serveral sizes (8, 10, 12, 14, 16 Fr) enables the selection of a cannula to suit individual anatomical conditions.

MAQUET has developed two cannulae for veno-venous ECMO:

The AREC cannula is a single-lumen cannula, also made of biocompatible polyurethane, with a 1/4" connector and a tip length of 73 mm.

The ELS cannula is double-lumen cannula featuring one lumen for drainage and one for perfusion. It can be supplied with either a dialysis lock or a 1/4" connector. The side holes of the perfusion lumen are located towards the tricuspid valve. The cannula is inserted percutaneously via the internal jugular vein using the Seldinger technique. Line markings enable continual monitoring of cannula insertion depth.

Art. No. OD (FR) Tip Length (cm) Connection
M1210 12 10 dialysis lock
M1510 15 10 dialysis lock
M1210-88 12 10 1/4" connector
M1510-88 15 10 1/4" connector


LL-Connection Female Screw Connection 1/4" Connection ID (mm)  OD (FR)  Tip Length (mm)  Tip Material
EKA 88 EKA 88M EKA 88-88 2.0 8 80 PUR
EKA 810 EKA 810M EKA 810-88 2.8 10 80 PUR
EKA 812 EKA 812M EKA 812-88 3.1 12 80 PUR
EKA 814 EKA 814M EKA 814-88 3.8 14 80 PUR


LL-Connection Female Screw Connection 1/4" Connection ID (mm)  OD (FR)  Tip Length (mm)  Perf. Length Tip Material
EKV1212 EKV1212 M EKV1212-88 2.0 12 120  46 PUR
EKV1214 EKV1214 M EKV1214-88 3.8 14 120 46 PUR
EKV1216 EKV1216 M EKV1216-88 4.8 16  120 46  PUR

Art. No. OD (mm) Tip Length (mm) Connector
M 101 1.2 73 1/4"-connector

Please find our complete portfolio in our product catalog.


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