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MAQUET’s Suction Devices are used to draw off excess fluid from operating areas. Their specially shaped nozzles prevent adhesion to tissue.

Depending on the anatomical and / or physical conditions of the operative field we offer a range of suction device types to match — for truly efficient and easy suction. Our rigid suction systems are held in the hand, without interfering with the operative field, and are only used when necessary. Our flexible suction devices are attached to the patient cover and may thus be used continually to keep the operative field free of excess fluid.

The Suction Devices are available in different versions. All models are fitted with a 1/4" tube connection.

Rigid suction device: JS-49-R

The JS-49-R sucker consists of a stainless steel tube with a ribbed nozzle and ergonomic grip for precision application.

Mini-tip suction device: JS-34-S

Made from a stainless steel tube with soft nozzle and ergonomic grip, the JS-34-S sucker ensures optimum handling. An additional opening in the grip allows monitoring of the suction procedure, thereby reducing the risk of injury. This system is especially useful during coronary bypass anastomosis.

Flexible suction device: JS-45-F

The JS-45-F sucker is unique for its flexible soft PVC construction. Another special feature is the ribbed nozzle.

Wire-reinforced flexible suction device: JS-45-FW

Thanks to an embedded wire, the JS-45-FW sucker can be bent into the desired shape prior to insertion. This system is also fitted with a ribbed nozzle.

Pericardial suction device with stainless steel nozzle: JS-39-ST

The pericardial sucker is made of flexible soft polyurethane and features a stainless steel nozzle. The weight of the metal nozzle ensures that it always positions itself at the deepest point. This suction device is therefore particularly suited to pericardial suction procedures.

  Art. No. ID (mm) Length (cm) Connection
Rigid Sucker JS49R 4.9 34 1/4"
Mini-Tip Sucker JS34R 3.4 27 1/4"
Flexible Sucker JS45F 4.5 35 1/4"
Flexible Sucker with reinforcing Wire JS45FW 4.5 35 1/4"
Pericardial Sucker with Stainless Steel Nozzle JS39ST 3.9 35 1/4"

Please find our complete portfolio in our product catalog.


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