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Венозные возвратные катетеры
Венозные возвратные катетеры
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The Venous Return Catheter is designed for venous cannulation during extra-corporeal circulation. Both single and two-stage catheters are used during cardiac surgery. Single-stage venous catheters are inserted through the right atrial wall into the superior and inferior vena cava. The two-stage venous catheter is generally inserted through the right atrial auricle in order to position the distal end in the inferior vena cava and the proximal opening of the catheter in the right atrium.

With its many different models, the MAQUET range offers venous catheters to suit every operation.

All MAQUET catheters are made of tissue-friendly, blood-compatible, and flexible PVC. Seamless connections between tip and tube guarantee smooth blood flow. The two-stage catheter features an obturator to help monitor bleeding during insertion.

Depending on the model, MAQUET catheters are available with full or partial wire reinforcement, without reinforcement, and with a straight or right angle tip. The venous catheters are equipped with a variety of different drainage. All catheters are optionally available with connectors.

  • The single-stage catheters are available with or without wire reinforcement and with various tip options (bullet, lighthouse, pilot). They are also supplied in straight and right-angled versions.
  • The two-stage catheters are available with full or partial wire reinforcement, or without reinforcement, and with the additional option of a connector. There is a choice of bullet or lighthouse tip shape; the bullet tip is also available in an angled version.
  • The two-stage SLIM catheter is made in one piece, thereby promoting constant blood flow due to its low resistance. This results in lower pressure and therefore substantially reduces the risk of haemolysis. Its thin design makes SLIM ideal for use during minimally invasive procedures. the two-stage SLIM catheter is available with straight or angled bullet or lighthouse tip and can be supplied with a variety of connectors.
  • The two-stage SLIM ELLIPTIC catheter has a low profile and is also made in one piece. Its shape makes it ideal for use in minimally invasive procedures. Thanks to the combination of thin catheter walls and tight wire-reinforcement, the new SLIM ELLIPTIC two-stage catheter is especially flexible. Various tips (bullet, lighthouse) and an optional connector enable adjustment to suit specific conditions.

Single-stage venous return catheters

Length 22 cm, 25 cm, 33 cm, 40 cm
Catheter body Straight, 90° bent
Tip types Lighthouse, Bullet, Pilot
Outer diameter 12 Fr., 14 Fr., 16 Fr., 18 Fr.,
20 Fr., 22 Fr., 24 Fr., 26 Fr., 28 Fr.,
30 Fr., 32 Fr., 36 Fr., 40 Fr.
Reinforcement wire-reinforced
Connection 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"
Positioning structures Ring

Two-stage venous return catheters

Length 40 cm up to 52 cm
Connection 1/2"
Tip types Lighthouse, Bullet
Outer diameter distal 32 Fr up to 36 Fr
Outer diameter proximal 39 Fr up to 51 Fr
Reinforcement distal wire-reinforced
Reinforcement proximal wire-reinforced
Connectors with / without connector
with / without Luer-Lock


Venous single adult with bullet tip


Venous single adult lighthouse


Venous two-stage


Venous two-stage "slim"

Please find our complete portfolio in our product catalog.


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