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Педиатрические канюли
Педиатрические канюли
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Paediatric arterial perfusion cannulae are used to introduce oxygenated blood into the systemic circulation through the ascending aorta during extracorporeal circulation procedures. MAQUET produces arterial cannulae in a range of sizes and configurations.

The venous return catheter is designed for venous cannulation during extracorporeal circulation. Special catheters are needed for applications in paediatric cardiac surgery. MAQUET has therefore designed a range of venous catheters which are perfectly adapted to the small diameter blood vessels of neonates, babies and small children. With its many different models the MAQUET range offers venous catheters to meet every demand.

The reinforced paediatric arterial cannula (16xxxx series) represents the finest in design and production technology. The use of an ultra-thin wall enables us to offer a 6 Fr cannula as the smallest size. The flexibility of these cannulae is quite unique, making handling and positioning very safe. The stylet eases insertion and the easy-grip connectors facilitate attachment to either 3/16" or 1/4" arterial tubing.

For many surgeons the MAQUET Venous Return Catheter with full lumen tip is the drainage catheter of choice. The full lumen tip configured from the tubing wall, combined with the basket tip, ensures maximum and consistent venous return with the smallest possible Fr size, and is therefore particularly suited to paediatric applications.

The paediatric catheters are available with straight or right angled tip, reinforced or non-reinforced.


Paediatric arterial cannula

The range of MAQUET’s PAEDIATRIC ARTERIAL CANNULAE covers the sizes from 6 FR to 12 FR with the choice of a 1/4" or 3/16" proximal arterial tubing connector with luer vent.

The ultra-thin wire-reinforced wall gives the cannulae unique flexibility and kink resistance.

A retractable stylet is incorporated for ease of insertion through the aortic wall.



These adult and paediatric catheters range in size from 12 Fr to 24 Fr, have various tip types with straight or right angled configurations and are available with or without reinforcement.

Please find our complete portfolio in our product catalog.


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