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MAQUET’s Thoracic Drainage Catheters are used in pericardial, mediastinal and pleural drainage to remove blood and wound fluid following cardiac surgery. The position of the catheter is determined by the user; in most cases, however, it is placed substernally. For the purposes of post-operative auto-transfusion, the drainage catheter is exposed to cardiotomy reservoir suction.

The HAT Catheter consists of a unique double-lumen design for drainage and ventilation. During post-operative autotransfusion, a cardiotomy reservoir is used to create vacuum suction in the catheter. Any blood clots obstructing the catheter are simply and effectively freed by occasionally opening the ventilation lumen clamp. The onerous dabbing out of blood clots is no longer necessary.

The HAT Catheter is equipped with a pilot tip for ease of insertion, a 3/8" luer-lock connector, and a ventilation lumen bacterial filter. With a pore size of just 0.3 microns and extremely low inherent resistance, contamination is effectively eliminated.

MAQUET’s double lumen thoracic rinse catheter (TSK) is used if complications occur during thorax drainage. Thanks to its second lumen, the catheter ensures thorough rinsing of the area concerned.

Art. Nr. ID (mm) OD Lenght (cm) Perforated Length (cm) Connector
HAT 5 5 24 Fr 50 16 3/8" LL
HAT 6 6 28 Fr 50 16 3/8" LL

Please find our complete portfolio in our product catalog.


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